Feng Office services are based on an integrated set of software and technology that improve productivity and communication; facilitating collaboration, information, and knowledge management.


Feng Office mission is to provide services and technology to improve the quality of team work at small and medium sized organizations.
We believe our work and service should produce not only better economic results, but a higher level of satisfaction to our customers, employees, vendors, investors, and community.
To achieve this mission we are committed to work with honesty, responsibility and respect.
Among our team we value and encourage discipline, passion for work, and a good mood.


We are very proud of our team and user community. We want to publicly give the recognition they all deserve for their part on helping make what Feng Office it is today. Please let us know if you notice we are missing anyone. Fortunately, the list grows almost daily!

Feng Office Team


Feng Office originated as a Thesis project for the Facultad de Ingeniería of the Universidad de la República Oriental del Uruguay. Promoted by Engineer Conrado Viña , the Project was developed in 2007 by Engineers Marcos Saiz and Ignacio de Soto. Following the Academic success achieved, Conrado, Ignacio and Marcos released the code under the name of OpenGoo creating a community that made it possible to disseminate the project.

In December 2007 the founders joined Sergio Riestra with the aim of commercializing OpenGoo and make it a business named Feng Office.

Feng Office came into business in June 2008 with two new members that incorporated to the executive team: Economist Marcos Marin and the Engineer Carlos Palma.

Since we established as a business we achieved every step in the constitution process. Now we look forward to acquire the volume and scalability that will turn Feng Office into a great business.

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