Open Source

Feng Office is Open Source Software. What does that mean to you and your business?
Open Source Software has many advantages over Closed Source Software.
Here are a few of the benefits you get from an Open Source system:


When you use Open Source Software you can have any independent expert audit any part of the system. You can see how your data is treated and how the system features are implemented.


If you find a feature or record that needs to be customized for the particular needs of your team, you can have your own coders propose or even implement the change that needs to be made. You can run it on your own servers, or you can contribute the code to the standard version of Feng Office.


Open Source software, when used by thousands of software developers and system administrators, is constantly being revised for reliability. Many expert users care and contribute reliability improvements on a regular basis.


With an Open Source solution for which you always have the choice to host yourself, you can be sure that your data will always be safe.


When you share the products of your intellectual work and knowledge, and this knowledge is of valuable worth, people will feel compelled to help you and contribute their work and knowledge. This synergy drives higher levels of innovation.


Using Open Software means that you always have the freedom to choose. You can choose who will keep your software system up to date, who will administer the computers on which you run it, who will access its database. You can switch vendors with the confidence that you will have all the means necessary for making the easiest possible transition.

Get the Source Code

Community Edition

The Community Edition is free for everyone to Download. It is the recommended download for Technical Personal Use, Academic Research, and non Business-Critical Installations.

Professional Edition

Professional Edition Full Code is available to download for subscribed Clients. If you have a Subscription Plan, please contact your Account Executive to assist you on the Download procedures.
What Open Source license does Feng Office use?
Feng Office Community Edition is AGPLv3. That means you can do pretty much anything with it - with a few obligations.

The Professional Edition Suite bundles several add-ins that are not Open Source licensed. We encourage Businesses that plan to offer Feng Office-based services to contact us and seek a Partnership agreement.

For those who do not want to officially partner, we recommend you research the rights and obligations of the AGPLv3 license carefully.