You can download Feng Office Community Edition for free, and use it at no charge, forever.

In order to install Feng Office on your own Server you need to correctly setup a Web Server (Apache 2.2 recommended) with PHP 5 and a MySQL database with InnoDB support.

Free downloads of the Community Edition do not grant access to Feng Office Support Plans. If you plan on using Feng Office on a Business Environment, we recommend you check out the Support Plans and Pricing for the Professional Edtion.

If you just want to try out Feng Office you can sign up for a free trial here.

Get the Source Code

Community Edition

The Community Edition is free for everyone to Download. It is the recommended download for Technical Personal Use, Academic Research, and non Business-Critical Installations.

Professional Edition

Professional Edition Full Code is available to download for subscribed Clients. If you have a Subscription Plan, please contact your Account Executive to assist you on the Download procedures.

More Downloads

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