Feng Office Privacy and Security Policies

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When client data is stored on the Feng Office cloud, it is physically stored on a specialized Data Center. Data Centers are buildings specially equipped to host server computers and possess many security measures to control access; as well as contingency measures to ensure power supply, redundant network access; as well as preventive measures to block intrusion attempts, cope with fires, earthquakes, and other acts of nature or vandalism that could affect a system server.

The Feng Office team works hard to select its Data Centers, ensuring their security and confidentiality policies adhere to Feng Office standards, and are among the largest and most recognized in the world.

Feng Office Data Centers have been designed to provide the maximum level of security and confidentiality. All Feng Office Data Centers have a 24*7*365 system for monitoring, redundant energy, fire prevention and additional hardware security systems.

To access Data Center rooms several security and surveillance measures have to be sorted out, ensuring that only authorized personnel access the location.

Feng Office’s Technical Security Measures

Feng Office owns and manages its proprietary security control, firewalls, antivirus and monitoring systems to ensure 24/7*365 hardware and software support and control of its client’s data and systems, ensuring detection and alerts over suspicious activity.

All of Feng Office’s infrastructure servers are up to date with the latest versions and secured with state-of-the-art software security systems.

All Feng Office servers are dedicated for Feng Office only (No shared or virtualized environments are used).

Each and every client installation hosted on the Feng Office cloud are backed up in adherence to our backup policies, detailed below.

Access to Feng Office servers is restricted by a dual password system. No Feng Office employee has the technical possibility of accessing the servers without the additional approval of a colleague.

In case the client wishes to encrypt the information transferred to and from your Feng Office over the Internet, an SSL certificate that enables HTTPS connections can be deployed.

How, where and how often is the data backed up?

All client Feng Office installations in the cloud are backed up to ensure data integrity.

Backups are performed using a state-of-the-art technology in real time. Backups include a copy of the database as well as a copy of the file-system files, so data integrity is safeguarded in case of hardware or software failure.

Backups are performed in an independent server, under an independent geographical location, so that data integrity is also ensured in case of large-scale disasters (fires, earthquakes, armed attacks, etc.).

All clients have, at their disposition, a copy of their system, which can be downloaded free of charge once a month; or more often should the client contract a higher frequency service.

Additionally, a weekly backup of the server is made and kept on a third geographical location, so that information has a double backup system.

Legal measures to ensure data confidentiality

Feng Office takes many legal measures to ensure client data is protected and confidential. The Feng Office Terms of Service clearly state that Feng Office does not own and has no rights over the customer’s data that is stored on its servers.

Every Feng Office employee signs a Non Disclosure Agreement with an obligation to respect and protect client’s data confidentiality.

In addition, no Feng Office employee is allowed to access a client database or file system, unless it is required for a particular system support task. In every case, the explicit authorization of the client is required.

Data Centers, used by Feng Office for the physical accommodation of their servers, also have security and confidentiality policies that are compatibles with its own. This means that Data Center employees have legal and technical restrictions that impede them from accessing the servers. Feng Office will keep strict secrecy and will not reveal nor concede client data stored within their Feng Office systems to third parties, neither during nor after the length of its contracts.

All data provided to Feng Office, either by clients or potential clients, will not be shared in any way unless the client or an authorized representative of the client makes an explicit request. Client data will be solely used for the provision, support, administration, and delivery of Feng Office products and services deliver.

Additionally, Feng Office offers the client the possibility to select the country of their Data Center, and an On-Premise (Feng Onsite) service, allowing the client to choose where to install and host its information.

Access by third parties and client staff

Feng Office System offers a very robust and granular permission system. The client defines permissions to Feng office System directly, managing users permissions and rights. It is also the client’s responsibility to determine who accesses and uses the information.

All Feng Office systems access is restricted by passwords. Feng Office optionally provides an advanced password policy system.

As part of our services, Feng Office also offers an access control by IP addresses. In case the Client would like to restrict access to the Feng Office System by IP addresses, it is enough to contact Feng Office Support Team, and provide a list with the IP addresses to either allow or block.

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